Terms of Service

Download & Upload Speed issue

We don’t guarantee the Download & Upload speed. The cause of slow download/upload speed is most probably depends on Server issue. The filehosting and its servers from which you download/upload your file.

Plugin Issue

We don’t guarantee the free download/upload plugins like youtube/dailymotion. Plugin can be broken at any time, We’ll try our best to fix them firstly. We’ll provide the fixing for the plugin that we provide in Premium Plugins. Fixing Youtube/Dailymotion plugins is not guaranteed by us.

Multiple Access

We don’t allow Multiple Access in our Leech Account.
You can share your Leech Account with your Friend, family or Referral. But You can’t use it at the same time.

Suspend and Termination Rules

LeafLeech has the right to suspend or further on terminate client’s accounts.
Reasons to be suspended or terminated by Leafleech are:
●  Sharing the account with others. We are monitoring your IP address each & every moment.
●  Using 1+ rar/unrar process. Don’t use 1+ RAR/UNRAR Process at a time.
●  Excess use of transloading, uploading, and rar/unraring.
●  Claiming in Paypal/Payza without contacting us.
●  Using RapidLeech hosting as a download server.
●  Personal Insult to Admin and all staff members. No Refund will be given.
●  Overuse of downloading files from the server to PC.
If suspend happen more than two times, your account will be terminated without refund.

Acceptable Usage

●  If you download from server to your PC, download 1 file at a time.
●  Use max 4 jobs (connections) at a time when Uploading files/remote uploading.
●  Don’t use 8+ connections while Remote Uploading files to filehosts.
●  Don’t use 1+ RAR/UNRAR Process at a time.
●  3 or 4 Tabs are the maximum use. if you want to Open more than 3 or 4 tabs,
You’ll get 403/503 Error page.
●  TorrentFlux: Don’t Use more than 2 Active Torrents at the same time. If you run more than 2 Active torrents,
Your TorrentFlux will be suspended.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

Refund Policy

We provide 24hrs no question refund policy.

Fair Usage Policy

To protect Bandwidth Abuse, Some Filehost’s Transload Bandwidth is limited to 80GB/day.

By signing up with us, you agree that you will not ask for refund for any kind of reason unless stated above.
Leafleech has the right to change the TOS anytime with/without prior notice to their customers.